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Child Protection

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Protect children to protect our future

Every child has the right to education, health, and protection. Yet, millions of children worldwide are denied a fair chance. Our United Action bundles the very best performing charities protecting children around the world, so you can donate to several solutions at once.

The problem


Charities in this United Action

Donate to this United Action to make your money as effective as possible. Our research team rigorously evaluates each charity, and curates collections of the top performing among them, so you can tackle the same urgent problem with different solutions.


1 child, 1 chance

Tjommie helps vulnerable children by providing them with basic necessities such as access to drinking water, food and safe housing. They also work to foster social and emotional development by offering education, culture and sports activities.

Prinses Máxima Centrum

For children, against cancer

Prinses Maxima Centrum’s goal is to cure as many children and adolescents with cancer, as quickly as possible, while maintaining their quality of life. They operate a healthcare facility, a research institute and a training center for healthcare professionals. This center contributes to the global knowledge base around the treatment and care of cancer with the high quality research they conduct.

Het Vergeten Kind

A smile for every child.

Het Vergeten Kind organises activities so that children from difficult situations can experience a safe environment. In addition to the activities, they also develop programs aimed at sustainably and structurally improving the lives of vulnerable children. They do this by encouraging policymakers to improve the quality of the current care system by putting the interest of the child at the center.

Stichting Mzamomhle

A child without education is a lost child

The Mzamomhle Foundation helps to improve daycare centers in townships around Cape Town. They do so by supporting renovations and equipping facilities. With emphasis on working together with local partners, they work to meet the demands of children, parents and staff and ensure that centers meet local requirements. Further, they provide food, (medical) care and pre-school education to make sure children smoothly transition into primary school.

Help A Child

provides a future for children in need

Help a Child focuses on holistic child development which includes physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. Their programmes are designed to reach out to children, families and the whole community. Their approach focuses on collaborative working in self-help groups, promoting knowledge and skills, linking up with other parties and fostering powers of resilience.


Giving a family to vulnerable children in Latin America.

WereldOuders is a charity that works for vulnerable and homeless children in Latin America. Their main project is providing a safe home base. Part of this is providing education, medical hep and promoting self-sustainability. Children of all ages are welcome, including children with a mental or physical disability.

Street Child Nederland

Helping children into education in the world's toughest places!

StreetChild Nederland's main focus is protection for unhoused children.They work to get children off the street, not by putting them in orphanages or centers but by providing ‘street teams’ and social workers to build trust. Through a process of counseling and mediation, their teams work to strengthen the child's family bonds, starting, if necessary, with family tracing and reunification.

Karuna Foundation

strengthening the current health institutions in Nepal

The Karuna Foundation focuses on strengthening the existing maternal and child care to prevent birth defects, maternal and neonatal mortality and (childhood) disabilities in Nepal. They develop disability-inclusive communities by improving access to healthcare, education, livelihood opportunities and participation in social life for people with disabilities.

The Healthy Teeth Foundation

Help us improve oral health amongst disadvantaged children wordwide.

In parts of Africa and Asia toothache can be one of the main reasons for school absenteeism and lack of self-esteem. This foundation’s goal is to prevent dental problems from affecting children’s school attendance. Together with schools and teachers, they work to improve oral health, prevent tooth decay and ache and simultaneously improve children’s general health.


A society free of vulnerable children and youths living in difficult circumstances

This organisation is run entirely by locals and helps rehabilitate vulnerable children and youth. They offer support to them and their families by providing medical care, rehabilitation and psychosocial support, skills development and child protection through community based approaches. They also advocate for children with disabilities and offer programs to enable them to live independently.

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