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Newcomer Integration in the Netherlands

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Help newly arrived immigrants get a better start in the Netherlands

Every year, millions of people across the world are forced to leave their homes. Displaced people often face discrimination — all while dealing with physical and mental health issues. Help us create a kinder, fairer society for people seeking a new life. Our United Action bundles the very best performing charities supporting displaced people around the world, so you can donate to several solutions at once.

The problem


Charities in this United Action

Donate to this United Action to make your money as effective as possible. Our research team rigorously evaluates each charity, and curates collections of the top performing among them, so you can tackle the same urgent problem with different solutions.


Our mission is to develop knowledge and talent of refugee students and professionals

The UAF provides support to refugee students and professionals — both in their studies and to find suitable employment in the Dutch labour market. They aim to build bridges between refugees and education institutions, (local) governments, and employers. UAF provides coaching, financial support, and refugee advocacy.

The Present

connecting entrepreneurs to initiatives that support the overlooked and unseen.

The Present connects entrepreneurs with meaningful initiatives and projects. All of their initiatives are committed to tackling social challenges and supporting individuals in the way that they need it most, providing agency to the vulnerable.


Help entrepreneurs with a refugee background to launch their own businesses.

Forward Inc believes in the incredible talent of people with a refugee background; their value to society and their potential to build bridges across communities. That is why they aim to empower newcomers to launch, fund, and grow their own businesses. This organisation offers a full incubator program for entrepreneurs with a refugee background.

Welcome App

We make newcomers feel at home in the Netherlands

Welcome App’s mission is to make as many newcomers as possible feel at home in the Netherlands. They have created an app to ensure all important newcomer initiatives can be found in one place. The app is a place where newcomers can meet locals, access events in their area, ask relevant questions, and start feeling at home.

Stichting Mano

From vulnerable to decisive: growing together, active together, visible together

The Mano Foundation encourages more vulnerable Rotterdammers to participate in society. They aim to help people discover and use their talents so that they can develop into active citizens. Among other things, the Mano Foundation offers programs to support asylum status holders. They contribute to language development, practical skills, talent development, and guidance to training and work.

Netherlands for Ukraine | NL4UA

Hands-on Help. We touch the lives of Ukrainian refugees right now, and where it counts.

Netherlands for Ukraine contributes to the prevention of mental scars left by war acts. They strive to help refugees to arrive in and support them until they feel safe enough to return to their homeland or become sufficiently settled. They assist Urkainian refugees with advice, transportation, international transit housing, accommodation, basic financial support, and primary social integration.

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