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Ensure indigenous people’s rights

Indigenous communities face human and land rights abuses every day. Ongoing discrimination means they often can’t access natural resources, basic services, justice, or participate in decision making. Our United Action bundles the very best performing charities supporting indigenous people around the world, so you can donate to several solutions at once.

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Donate to this United Action to make your money as effective as possible. Our research team rigorously evaluates each charity, and curates collections of the top performing among them, so you can tackle the same urgent problem with different solutions.

Mama Cash

Because feminist activism works

Mama Cash supports women, girls, trans people and intersex people who fight for their rights. Together with these activists they work towards a more just world for women, girls, trans people and intersex people. Many of the activists and grassroots they support are individuals from the Indigenous community.

ODIM Guatemala

Community-driven Healthcare and Education

The Organization for the Development of the Indigenous Maya (ODIM) aims to enable access to healthcare and preventative health education for the local indigenous population. Programs focus on the development and empowerment of the local communities they work with in Guatemala. ODIM’s efforts extend beyond medical services. With the intention of enabling prevention, an elevated quality of life and sustainable change, they have five programs that promote education and integrative care in our communities. That menas engaging and empowering participants by stimulating and supporting their intrinsic desire and capacity for growth; be it with a diabetic patient accepting and managing their disease, a scholarship student making honor roll, or a mother seeking to improve her children’s diet.

Survival International

The global movement for tribal peoples

Survival International's work is rooted in longstanding relationships with Indigenous communities around the world. They work in partnership with tribes to lobby and campaign in order to amplify their voices on the global stage. They fight human rights abuses committed in the name of conservation and ensure Indigenous education is controlled by Indigenous Peoples themselves.

Tribal Wisdom

Global Access to Local Knowledge

Tribal Wisdom seeks to give global access to local wisdom. This is done through virtual storytelling on various themes, helping people who practice traditional and sustainable farming, arts and crafts. They also support traditional and ancestral healing practices and actively support traditional knowledge holders in amplifying their messages.

International Work Group for Indigenous Affairs

Documenting Advocating Empowering

IWGIA is a global human rights organisation dedicated to promoting, protecting and defending Indigenous Peoples’ rights. The key drivers for change in their work are documentation, empowerment and advocacy. Their goal is to ensure Indigenous Peoples can sustain and develop their societies based on their own practices, priorities and visions.

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