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The LGBTQIA+ community face discrimination across all aspects of their lives, undermining their human rights and compromising their well-being. Our United Action bundles the very best performing nonprofits supporting LGBTQIA+ citizens around the world, so you can donate to several solutions at once.

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Donate to this United Action to make your money as effective as possible. Our research team rigorously evaluates each charity, and curates collections of the top performing among them, so you can tackle the same urgent problem with different solutions.


Empowering LGBTQI youth activists and campaigning for their rights

IGLYO provides skills and experience to young LGBTQI people to become leaders within the LGBTQI and human rights sectors. Through cross-cultural exchange and peer learning, they create a collective of youth activists across Europe and beyond, who can share strategies and foster values of international solidarity. IGLYO also ensures young people’s voices are heard by decision-makers.

Samos Volunteers

Grassroots organisation responding to the humanitarian crisis on Samos.

Samos Volunteer is an independent group of volunteers responding to the humanitarian crisis in Samos, Greece. Together with the Berlin Refugee Law Clinic, they are conducting a project to raise awareness about LGBTQIA rights, and how prosecution based on sexual orientation or gender identity could be ground for international protection (asylum).

Insight Ukraine

We are a Ukrainian human rights public organization which brings together the LGBTQIA+ community.

Insight Ukraine is a Ukrainian public organization that unites lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people. They are on a mission increase tolerance and democracy in the society. Insight provides free-of-cost psychological and legal advice to LGBTQI+ people, as well as provides community with a database of friendly and trusted medical professionals.

Mama Cash

Because feminist activism works

Mama Cash is an international women’s fund that supports women, girls, trans and intersex people worldwide to stand up for their rights. Mama Cash mobilises resources from individuals and institutions, makes grants to self-led, feminist organisations and helps to build the partnerships and networks needed to successfully defend and advance women’s, girls’, trans and intersex people’s human rights.


We work for LGBTI equality and human rights in Europe and Central Asia.

ILGA-Europe is a driving force for political, legal and social change in Europe and Central Asia. Their vision is of a world where everyone’s dignity, freedom and human rights are protected regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression and sex characteristics. This movement consists of paid activists, NGOs, community groups, volunteers and academics.

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