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Charities are tackling the pandemic from different angles, from straightforward solutions like vaccine development and delivery, to prevention methods like virus education and awareness. Our United Action bundles the very best performing charities providing COVID-19 relief, so you can donate to several solutions at once.

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Donate to this United Action to make your money as effective as possible. Our research team rigorously evaluates each charity, and curates collections of the top performing among them, so you can tackle the same urgent problem with different solutions.


For change that matters.

This organisation works towards the sustainable production of commodities. In light of the pandemic, they have adapted their programs to ensure the safety of people and livelihoods. They mobilize their partners to deliver protection kits to day laborers, implement interventions around handwashing, and work with rural communities to organise training around corona measures.

Max Foundation

providing children in low-acces regions with a healthy start in life

The Max Foundation is an organisation committed to preventing child mortality caused by preventable diseases in the most efficient way. Their projects focus on water, sanitation and hygiene. Infrastructures like this one become crucial in crisis times like the current one. Max Foundation is using this reach to inform people about COVID-19 and educate them about prevention and care methods.


Ending the Depression Epidemic in Africa

StrongMinds is currently the only organisation scaling depression treatment in sub-Saharan Africa. They are uniquely positioned to help those suffering under the mental strain caused by the pandemic. In response to COVID-19 measures, StrongMinds is rapidly rolling out phone-based therapy, mobile-based mental health messages of support, and mental health awareness campaigns.


Help us protect sight and fight for disability rights

Sightsavers focuses on protecting sight and fighting for disability rights. In light of the pandemic they have been working to make sure people with disabilities are able to receive the support they need. They have been conducting research about disability and COVID-19 as well as focusing on improving government responses.

Center for Effective Global Action (CEGA)

Inspiring social and economic development through inclusive, rigorous research

CEGA is a network of researchers and innovators that develop evidence-based research to reduce poverty and accelerate global development. Their COVID-19 response includes generating data on who is affected in what ways, supporting and sharing research and effective policy responses, working with governments and partners to operationalize new knowledge, and supporting the research community.

Restless Development

Powered by young people

Restless Development supports youth to influence their peers and communities to change their behaviour and stop the spread. They are financially supporting youth-led movements with access to funding, training and resources. They work with young people to build resilience and support the recovery of their communities through real time insights into the most harmful implications of the virus.

Aflatoun International

Children Empowered

Aflatoun is a Netherlands based organisation that offers social and financial education to children and young people in more than 100 countries. Since not being able to go to school is one of the largest effects of COVID-19 for children, access to education is a major concern. Aflatoun is partnering with hundreds of organisations across the world on tackling the educational side of this crisis.


Preventing violent conflict. Building safer lives.

Saferworld is an international non-governmental organisation with conflict prevention and peacebuilding programmes in 20 countries and territories across the world. Through their country offices and partnerships, Saferworld will play an active and collaborative role in the peacebuilding sector’s response to the pandemic as the implications for aid and development become clearer.

Help A Child

provides a future for children in need

Help a Child is an international relief and development organization that provides a future for children in need, their family and their community. In light of the COVID-19 crisis, they are producing awareness and prevention messages on TV and radio, supporting e-learning for children, distributing personal hygiene products and protective gear for health and community service professionals.


A healthy life for all

Simavi works towards providing healthy lives to communities. As experts in water, hygiene and sanitation Simavi’s mission is more relevant than ever in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. They are adapting their response with country-specific solutions, working hard to minimise the negative effects of the COVID crisis.

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