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Help the world treat animals better

Although most people agree that animals should be treated humanely, human behaviour still falls short. Monitoring and improving animal rights can be complex. Our United Action bundles the very best performing charities working on animal rights, so you can donate to several solutions at once.

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Donate to this United Action to make your money as effective as possible. Our research team rigorously evaluates each charity, and curates collections of the top performing among them, so you can tackle the same urgent problem with different solutions.

The Humane League UK

Help us advocate for those who can't.

The Humane League UK aims to end the abuse of animals raised for food by influencing the policies of the world’s biggest companies, demanding legislation and empowering people to take action and stop eating animals. They emphasize collaboration, share resources with relevant actors and train other nonprofit organisations.


Informed Action. Greater Reaction.

Faunalytics saves animals by helping advocates be as effective as possible. Their mission is to empower animal advocates with access to research, analysis, strategies, and messages that maximize their effectiveness to reduce animal suffering.

ProVeg Nederland

Help us create a world that is good for all.

ProVeg is exclusively committed to promoting plant-based nutrition. A part of their work goes into reducing the consumption of animals and animal products. Through their campaigns, they raise awareness about the benefits of plant based products for animals, for people and for the planet.

Global Alliance for Rabies Control

Ending the suffering and deaths from rabies.

GARC’s goal is a world free of canine rabies. Their mission is to prevent human deaths from dog-mediated rabies and relieve the burden of rabies in other animal populations, especially dogs. They work with governments, veterinarians, public health and educational experts and communities to facilitate policy change and build capacity to eliminate rabies in areas hardest hit by the disease.

Stichting AAP

AAP gives primates and other exotic animals a better future.

AAP sustainably improves the welfare of monkeys, big cats and other exotic mammals. They provide an animal shelter, rehabilitation, and relocation services for animals that have suffered abuse and neglect. The care emphasises veterinary services, nutrition and socialisation. The ultimate goal is to relocate animals to a home where they can spend the rest of their lives under good conditions.

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