treats depression in women in sub-Saharan Africa, so that they may lead healthy, productive and satisfying lives


An African woman with depression, compared with her healthy peer, suffers greatly: She is less productive, has a lower income, and has poorer physical health. If she is a mother, the negative impact extends to her entire family. Research shows that children of depressed mothers are more likely to have poor health, struggle in or miss school, and suffer from depression themselves. Furthermore, because depression impairs their ability to focus and concentrate, these depression sufferers do not respond to government efforts to train them in a new skill, or to nongovernmental organizations (NGO) health care efforts such as malaria prevention. Thus, the myriad of development initiatives in these impoverished areas are largely ineffective for the depression sufferers who live there.


StrongMinds is the only organization working to scale a model to treat depression throughout Africa — starting in Uganda. Our unique community-based model of group talk therapy is simple, innovative and cost-effective. Using Group Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT-G) as the foundation, StrongMinds has adapted and enriched this approach with specific role-playing activities and interactive visuals and charts. Each talk therapy group lasts 12 weeks, with the women coming together each week for approximately 90 minutes.

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