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Environmental sustainability refers to interacting with the natural environment in a responsible way, such that our actions do not put excessive pressure on the ecosystems. Unfortunately, humanity’s actions over the past century put a huge strain on this idea, resulting in severe consequences such as climate change, pollution, loss of biodiversity, and excessive waste.

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Plastic Soup Foundation

No plastic in our water or our bodies

To tackle plastic pollution, the Plastic Soup Foundation continually demands attention to their work via campaigns, news and social media. In addition, they focus on educating the youngest generations through developing learning packages for primary and secondary schools. They work together with experts, politicians, organisations, universities and companies that have a related mission or vision and explore measures to prevent plastic from entering the environment, water and ultimately the oceans.

Cerath Development Organisation

Promoting Development in a Sustainable Way.

CERATH is a developmental organisation focused on rural and urban poor development in Africa. CDO has five main intervention areas for empowerment- Agriculture, Fisheries, Renewable Energy, Inclusive Finance and Water, Sanitation & Hygiene as the pathways to rural and urban development. Their projects include delivering trainings on employability and entrepreneurship to empower local communities and promote sustainable production; contributing to green circular economy through value-addition to coconut husks waste; and improving agricultural practices.

The Ocean Movement

Sail with science. Discover your footprint.

The Ocean Movement educates and activates people, organisations and governments through the organisation of a variety of activities – sailing expeditions and citizen science projects, lectures, and documentaries. As they believe it is crucial to actively involve young people in the subject of litter and plastic pollution, they developed a program in which students work as researchers and advisors for their municipality.

Power for All

Committed to delivering access to energy.

Power for All is a global campaign committed to ending energy poverty while addressing the pressing threat of climate change throughout Africa and Asia. They aim to end the path dependency of fossil fuels and diesel-powered generators, and instead accelerate the use of decentralized renewable energy solutions. Further, they mobilize networks of partners across the energy access ecosystem that together can accelerate the adoption of decentralized renewable energy. Collectively with partners, Power for All drives awareness, activates markets, and catalyzes advocacy that will help transform the way energy is used, generated, and paid for in order to end poverty faster.

The Humane League UK

Help us advocate for those who can't.

The Humane League UK holds corporations accountable, educates and empowers activists, and campaigns to create change. Further, being aware of the importance of individual effort, they work to empower people with knowledge and encourage them to become activists and leave animals off our plates, advocating for plant-based options. All their work is rooted in sound research and a commitment to effective animal protection.

ProVeg Nederland

Help us create a world that is good for all.

ProVeg is dedicated to raising awareness of how we can tackle the problem of overproduction and overconsumption of animal-based products, which contribute to climate change. ProVeg aims to create a world in which plant-based food is as accessible and attractive as possible. They also support and facilitate a range of vegan events throughout the year. In their political work, they advocate and communicate the potential of plant-based foods and lifestyles for tackling various problem areas such as animal welfare, environmental protection, climate protection and resource conservation.

The North Sea Foundation

Working together towards a clean and healthy North Sea!

The North Sea Foundation operates with science-based, independent, together and solution-oriented core values. Together with many stakeholders, they strive for a clean and healthy North Sea where economy and ecology go hand in hand. The projects they focus on involve cleaning the beaches, protecting endangered species, research and raising awareness by the means of their informative articles.


For change that matters.

Together with all relevant stakeholders from farmers to multinationals, Solidaridad is working with fair trade products that are profitable for all relevant stakeholders and do not harm the environment. They work in over 40 countries to make sustainability the norm and enable farmers and workers around the globe to earn a decent income, produce in balance with nature, and shape their own future.

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